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"Bottom line - the people at Fehr Graham do what they say they're going to do,
when they say they're going to do it. Our projects depend on the performance
of our partners, and we can always count on Fehr Graham."
Bob Skurla
Village Administrator
Village of East Dundee
At Fehr Graham, we are dedicated to helping our clients envision their goals and create plans to reach them. We provide complete engineering and environmental services in a variety of settings with varying degrees of involvement depending on your specific needs. Our experienced staff carves out the right niche of services to serve you and the best interest of your constituents. From the initial planning stages and securing funding through construction management, we provide exceptional service during each and every project.

Fehr Graham partners with you to obtain funding and complete projects that improve the quality of life for your constituents, including:

Our mission is to improve the quality of life
for our clients in the communities where they live and work by providing
collaborative, insightful, results-driven solutions.